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Building the circuit.

Build the circuit on the perfboard. Snip a square to size. It need not be any larger than 8 x 11 rows in size. Whatever size you decide on, check before hand that it will fit in the mic body!

While the majority of the building will be on perfboard, three things will not - the actual capsule, the JFET and a 1 G resistor.

The JFET and 1G resistor will be soldered
 right to the capsule.





Here it is, the schematic for you to follow.

It may take a few trys to do the layout, on the perfboard, but in the end you should be able to build something that looks like this (or better). Make sure your measurements allow for the capsules to eventually be level with the top of the tube. You don't want them recessed in any way.


Since I took this photo, I've shortened up wires to the XLR connector. You could feasibly connect the connector right to the perfboard, though that doesn't give you any wiggle room for soundproofing.

Notice because of the size of the .47 uf capacitors that they are actually on both sides of the perfboard. You have to do this in order to create a circuit that will fit into the body.

*see note at bottom

The only two stumbling blocks are figuring out the legs on the JFET and the transistors.

These images should solve that problem.

* Note that in the image of Scott's circuit as well as the jfet image below the 2n4416a is listed. I have since gone to a different JFET - the 2N4338 


THE JFET (2n4416)                                       The Transistor (2n5087)

Take your time, and check everything twice. If you aren't good with a soldering iron, practice first. The solder joints have to be clean. When you're finished, deflux the board.

Continue to putting it together

(addition as of August 08)
I have experimented with WIMA MKS-4 capacitors and have been pleased with the results. They are film caps and actually rated at 1.0uf -but smaller than the .47uf. I haven't done an A/B mic test yet, so the final verdict isn't in.

Smaller WIMA capacitors - could allow for a (new layout) longer, narrower circuit that fits into a microphone no larger than an XLR barrel.