Current Film and TV Projects

  • T.D.M.(Feature)
  • The Strad Project (Doc)
  • Hot Dog Island (reality)COA in EU - TBA (feature)
  • The Luthier Plan (feature)
  • Soapbox Racers (reality)
  • The Diamond Chasers (feature)
  • The Luck Factor (feature)
  • The Prisoner (feature)
  • Farmland (feature)
  • The D-Town Green Crew (feature)
  • Time Machine (reality)

Chop Cut

  • An editing and post facility run by yours truly.

DIY GUY's other life
Hobbies and interests besides making movies.

DIY (Do It Yourself) Microphones

Some detailed pages on how I made several types of microphones.


Small Cardioids - the first ones I built. (with sound samples)

Omni Thinner even then the Cardioids. Great for all kinds of recording. (with sound samples)

Large diaphragm Cardioid - Beautiful vocal microphone. (with sound samples)